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Welcome to the sixth Isolation. Hover and click to explore, ‘Rooms’. In the Summer of 2020 five musicians captured these moments at a farmhouse in Greenbrier, Tennessee. They created a floorplan to compartmentalize their experiences and concerns they took with them due to the COVID-19 pandemic at the time.

All 14 rooms show you a unique perspective of the different songs and give you behind-the-scenes on the collaborator's experiences. 

Vic bench 4.jpg

Victor Pacek

Victor started his musical career at a young age playing jazz and orchestral music around New England during adolescence and eventually found his way performing with dozens of artists in the Greater Boston area in his late teens. After finishing college Victor moved down to Nashville with his friends to expand his network and utilize his knacks for playing bass and recording sounds. Victor is currently an engineer and technician at The Carriage Works in East Nashville and if he's not playing bass he's probably fixing some old studio equipment or out fishin'

Tiff patio bench 2.jpg

Marie Elodie

As a songwriter, singer and producer, Marie Elodie is currently based in Vienna and Berlin. The ambivalence of her arrangements and lyrics is reflected on the one hand in the delicate fragility of her songs, which - inspired by Bob Dylan - address social or political issues. At the same time, she regularly writes refreshingly energetic dance / pop songs to express her exuberant temperament and innate cheerfulness. With ‘Wildflower’, Marie Elodie decided to focus her songwriting on topics that are particularly close to her heart as a nature-loving Austrian. 

Michael before mirror 2 (1).jpg

Michael Beckhart

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Michael Beckhart has moved to Nashville since his last Isolation. In Nashville, Michael has been showcasing his production and songwriting talent to the locals and collaborating with artists in the area. Michael focused on his performance until COVID-19 closed all venues. This is when he started the Songwriting Challenge, "Quarantapes", hosted by us at Hummingbird Tapes, to help provide entertainment and promote productivity during the strange times of the pandemic. Moving forward, Michael will debut his first single this summer of 2021 as a solo artist, although, we hold the pleasure of releasing his first feature "Forever", from the sixth Isolation, Rooms.


Jarred Hahn

Jarred is, an indie producer/engineer from Tampa Bay, FL. He produces, records and mixes out of the Little Record Room in Nashville, TN. He aspires to bring the most artistic work out of his clients, and aims to become a staple name in the indie rock community. Jarred loves exploring new sonic spaces and emotions through the music of others and in his own band, Perch. Photography, building instruments, and eating donuts are some of his favorite pastimes! He has worked on 84 songs with 14 artists in 2020, and is looking forward to growing further in 2021!

Mitchell outside.jpg

Mitchell Proctor

Mitch is a songwriter and singer based in Nashville specializing in pop and r&b styles. Pulling inspiration from Americana storytelling and the intricate lyricism of pop, Mitch creates honest stories from the moments in-between the heart break and the happiness. Mitch will be releasing songs under the name Mitch Elle in 2021, the first of which included collaboration with Jarred Hahn and Michael Beckhart.

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