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Group pic bench silly.jpg
Taking breaks in between intense pouring of emotions and musical work is of the essence when on Isolation! We made sure to play games and have fun!
Cassette Rack2.png
That was awful
Chimes 1
Cassette Rack3.png
Chimes 2
Bell 1
Cassette Rack1.png
Alien Space Siren
Bell 3
Bell 2
Vic silly.jpg
"I really enjoyed getting close to everyone and goofing around for a week."
Jarred silly.jpg
"Being quarantined for several months prior definitely fueled me."
Hummingbird chair.jpg
"One night we sat Michael down and listened to Jeff Buckley’s, Grace, cover to cover..."
Patio back.jpg
"...(ok not quite) because he had never heard it before...
"...Michael has since listened to the record and says it isn’t quite as amazing as when we listened to it on the patio."
- Mitch
Michael farm gate.jpg
"It was so much fun to be with people again,  make music and most of all, just to release the feelings inside of everything going on at the time."
- Michael
Tiff rock wall 2.jpg
"It was therapeutic after not seeing more than three people at a time for months. It was amazing to safely be with new people again."
- Michael
Vic chair outside 3.jpg
Vic chair outside 3.jpg
Vic chair outside 3.jpg
Vic chair outside 3.jpg
Vic chair outside 3.jpg
"Man, I love that shirt."
- Jarred
Mithcell silly.jpg
"Even when we were just screwing around playing games and smoking it was very interactive either musically or conversationally."
- Mitch
Michaell silly.jpg
"Jarred had accidentally brought an entire guitar case full of wacky sunglasses. It brought out the alter ego in all of us."
- Michael
Jarred Puzzle 2.jpg
"I’m excited to see this project through to release."
- Jarred
Mirror pic while everyones playing puzzl
"Ironically, this Isolation was the most social I’d been in a while due to the COVID-19 quarantine. So for us to be isolated as a group of motivated musicians was a dream!"
Nail Puzzle.jpg
"This puzzle was so hard that Mitchell did us all the favour of Google-ing the solution."
- Michael
Mitchell Puzzle.jpg
"I enjoyed the group activities such as Scattergories"
- Mitch
Copy of Scattegories 1.jpg
Copy of Scattegories 3.jpg
Copy of Scattegories 4.jpg
Copy of Scattegories 2.jpg
Group pic bench.jpg

"It’s crazy how well you can get to know people within just one week. It’s a fascinating experience but it’s also stressful to learn how to collaborate with new people in such a short period of time. I would say it’s probably the most rapid self-growth process one can go through - while making music and friends! "

- Marie

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