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"Forever", tells the story of a long-distance relationship and reuniting for the first time. It was inspired by all the love we felt being separated in the midst of the pandemic. We hope someone will listen to this and know they weren't the only ones separated; staying in touch online, and that maybe, they can be together again. If not, there's the rest of forever to look forward to.
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"My favourite contribution was definitely running the production for 'Forever'."
- Michael
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Pre and Chorus Playthrough
Final Stretch at 4:55 AM
We all play on every song
Cassette Rack3.png
The moste exciting part
Melody Idea at 6:10 AM
Cassette Rack1.png
Train at Night
Chorus Mitchel Vocals
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"It pretty
much got done a couple of minutes before we had to check out of the Airbnb. I really have
to applaud Michael and Mitchell for this, because they were the ones that kept on pushing
and kept us all motivated until the very end."
- Marie
1 On the Fence_First Jam Notes .jpg
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I can say that I came up with melodies for each of the songs and I always felt very appreciated by my collaborators when presenting new melody ideas to them."
- Marie
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"Marie and I spent several hours on the front porch mulling over lyrics and trying to capture the feeling of a couple reunited, and soon to be torn apart again. Spending one on one time with her, rocking back and forth in those wicker chairs, and chain-smoking cigs brought me immense joy."
- Mitch
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"That chopped up guitar? Michael’s genius, inspired by a Madonna record."
- Mitch
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"I really wanted a live bass over the Chorus section to contrast with the Synth of the Verse. I asked Victor to play it and he asked me to play the drums with him. We had this janky set up of a tom and a snare. I grabbed some wooden cooking spoons to play because we left our drum sticks in Nashville. After 8 takes, we weren't feeling it so we took a break. I came back to the takes the next day, and each and every single one was amazing. I don't know how we missed it. Still one of the biggest mysteries to me."
- Michael
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"I remember days before a student showed me a Madonna song, 'Don't Tell Me'. The guitar part was so interesting. My best guess was that the producer had placed a noise gate over the acoustic guitar. It was a sound I hadn't heard before. This trip felt like the best place to try and recreate it. After Jarred gave me some chords, I added a Bossa Nova groove to it, recorded it and tried what I thought I was hearing in the Madonna record. What you hear now is what came out of this audio experiment!"
- Michael
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"'Forever ' was one of those song that I didn’t think was going to make it onto the EP. Just because we didn’t have it recorded up until the very last hours of our Isolation."
- Marie
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"I asked Mithcell to record Overdubs for me. When he did, he asked me to take out the other voice. I told him we needed it so he could follow it. Confidently, he repeated himself. So I removed the original take, we listened to them next to each other and Mitch had recorded a perfect Overdub without hearing the other take! Wild. What an awesome super power."
- Michael
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"I felt very relaxed right up until the 36-hour recording session (and even during but you know)."
- Mitch
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Forever Checklist Backside.jpg
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