Game room Family pic.jpg
Playthrough of first section
Figuring out the outro
Yeah a Little Faster
Pre Rehearse B Section
Melody Brainstorm
What If it started with Bass?
Scooby Doo Intro
Take 8
America Rhyming
Do the whole thing Standing
Pick it Up
B Section Chords
Melody Brainstorm 2
Train at Night
Upright Jarred.jpg
Michael before mirror.jpg
Half of Victor.jpg
Upright J and V.jpg
Michael couch 2.jpg
Other half of Victor.jpg
Tiff outside.jpg
Victor outside 2.jpg
Jarred outside.jpg
Mitchell patio bench.jpg
Tiff patio bench 2.jpg
Mitchell patio bench 3.jpg
Jarred outside 2.jpg

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