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The track America started with a chess game between Mitchell and Jarred in the game room. They laughed about the irony of “America the Beautiful” in the midst of a poorly handled Covid outbreak, and the song quickly took shape thereafter. "America" speaks to the irony of what America claims to be, as opposed to what it truly is.
Cassette Rack2.png
Playthrough of first section
Figuring out the outro
Yeah a Little Faster
Pre Rehearse B Section
Cassette Rack3.png
Melody Brainstorm
What If it started with Bass?
Scooby Doo Intro
Take 8
America Rhyming
Cassette Rack1.png
Do the whole thing Standing
Pick it Up
B Section Chords
Melody Brainstorm 2
Train at Night
Upright Jarred.jpg
"Just pure excitement. It was so difficult not to prematurely flesh out ideas and keep my mind off the project (musically) before it started."
- Jarred
Michael before mirror.jpg
"Given that we dared to do this in the middle of a Worldwide pandemic, which has pronounced the wide levels of inequality between health, race, class and the environment, I really wanted to take a breather from being cooped up at home and the news,  and go put my feelings in music with others."
- Michael
Half of Victor.jpg
"Working on this song the first full day of the trip really got me thinking about how America affects me - waiting on a Courtney, a lyric from 'Purpose', was directly inspired by the United States Postal Service."
- Michael
Upright J and V.jpg
"I’ll never forget some of the “aha!” moments we had."
- Jarred
Michael couch 2.jpg
"It was so cool to get to see everyone’s musicianship meld together and see what everyone’s secret tricks were!"
- Michael
Other half of Victor.jpg
"One can hear and feel how each musical work was a conglomerate of poignant and intentional efforts and thoughts, brought to the table by a hugely varied supplement of creative minds."
- Victor
Tiff outside.jpg
"I think we were all very preoccupied with what the world was going through being COVID-19, a civil rights movement, climate change and environmental pollution, a difficult political climate and much more."
- Marie
Victor outside 2.jpg
"‘America’ is a really interesting twist on the already existing song ‘America the Beautiful’." 
- Marie
Jarred outside.jpg
"I played the banjo for the first time!"
- Jarred
Mitchell patio bench.jpg
"I don’t hate my country, but I’m not proud of it either."
- Mitch
Journal 3 America - Edited .jpg
Tiff patio bench 2.jpg
"I was extremely excited because it had been awhile since my last Isolation. Fever was also highly anticipated, but we weren’t in the midst of an actual 'societal' Isolation."
- Marie
Mitchell patio bench 3.jpg
"I think as far as the actual product that we put forth, it sounds a lot less produced than the other Hummingbird Isolations."
- Mitch
Jarred outside 2.jpg
"Jarred and I had been working together a few months before the trip and were already good friends but 'America' was the first time we wrote together. I think it went pretty well."
- Mitch
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