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"At the isolation I felt like I had met a version of myself whom I hadn't yet been introduced to."
- Victor
Vic chopping.jpg
"I'm proud to be part of the group that pioneered HT Isolations within the United States, and I was pretty curious how the difference in cultures would affect the music."
- Marie
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"I’ve never cooked so much or performed so much in any creative process."
- Victor
BIC Lighter
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" I was thrilled to be going with such a talented group of people from a diverse span of musical backgrounds, and to get to know them all better as people!"

- Jarred

Jared preparing pizza ramen.jpg
"My experience was very positive."
- Mitch
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"I also think we cover a TON of genre ground and I’m really proud of that. I think these things set us apart from those projects in a really positive way."
- Mitch
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"We all learned so much from this."
- Jarred
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Good food = Happy tummies
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"Most of all, I’m really happy to walk away with closer friends and I can’t wait to continue making music with everyone!"
- Michael
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"Being a part of HT
I was honoured to spearhead the movement here in the United States for them."

- Michael

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