Group pic gazebo 2.jpg
Field Recorder in the Garden
Is the Sun as High Struggle
Michaels reaction to Melody
Verse1 Melody brainstorm
Verse1 Jarred voicememo
First Lyric Line brainstorm
Jarred singing OG Melody
Is the Sun as High Variations
Variations of Bells
Backing Vocals Ideas
Tiny Melody Seed
Melody brainstorming
Verse1 Playthrough
First time jamming
WTF Harmony
Gazebo side.jpg
Mitchell farm gate 3.jpg
Vic bench 4.jpg
Tiff and Jarred 2.jpg
Vic Playing the Uke.jpg
Tiff singing 3.jpg
Jarred at producer station.jpg
Tiff Writing 2.jpg
Tiff Writing 3.jpg
Michael gazebo 2.jpg
Mitchell farm gate 4.jpg
Jarred Gazebo 2.jpg
Copy of Gazebo ft. Michael.jpg
Copy of Swing bench ft. Mitchell.jpg
Michael gazebo 3.jpg
Jarred Gazebo 3.jpg
Tiff and Jarred at bench.jpg
Group Pic Gazebo.jpg
Vic Bass 2.jpg
Vic outside.jpg
Copy of Gazebo.jpg
Copy of Gazebo.jpg
Copy of Gazebo.jpg

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