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"Wildflower" is an apology letter to nature. Using a representation of the environment we are all familiar with.

This song is a dialogue for us to recognize human behaviour towards nature in the past and in the present. The future starts with admitting the responsibility that needs to be taken and respect that needs to be given.

Subtropical humidity, crickets chirping and the constant grazing of a large herd of cattle formed the perfect setting to write this letter. A true team effort led this rudimentary, raw and honest plea to the Wildflower.

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Field Recorder in the Garden
Is the Sun as High Struggle
Michaels reaction to Melody
Verse Melody Brainstorm
Verse1 Jarred Voicememo
Cassette Rack3.png
First lyric line brainstorm.w
Jarred singing OG Melody
Is the Sun as high Variations
Variation of Bells
Backing voclas idea
Cassette Rack1.png
Tiny melody seed
Melody Brainstorm
Verse1 Playthrough
First time Jam
WTF Harmony
Gazebo side.jpg
"It got to the point where I started dreaming about the song,
getting really obsessive and frustrated, very happy and then sad. It was truly a wild
rollercoaster of emotions for me."
- Marie
Mitchell farm gate 3.jpg
"Cows grazed around us and the sun shone ten plus hours a day. But it was impossible not to notice the waste we created while we were isolated. The world needs to be the number one priority."
- Mitch
Vic bench 4.jpg
"It was a very organic process, however, the longest one of all the songs with many ups and downs."
- Marie
"Although we didn’t want to talk about our fears for the environment too much, it was obvious we took our concerns there with us and we found ways to bring into the lyrics."
- Michael
"I remember going to Jarred and Marie, sitting on the swinging bench. They were working on the bridge section of 'Wildflower'. I traded places with Jarred while he left to take a break. I opened up to Marie about the things I wanted to say to nature if I could. That conversation gave us the bridge as it is now. We had an extra line at the end and weren't quite sure how to make it work and rhyme. Mitchell came over and we asked him what he thought. He told us it didn't need it. We knew he was right and jumped up and celebrated with him. We finished the lyrics."
- Michael
Tiff and Jarred 2.jpg
"We arrived at the retreat having so much to say that we were almost too overwhelmed with all the things we wanted to express through the music."
- Marie
Vic Playing the Uke.jpg
"It was amazing to see how we all adapted to a central process that was clearly defined unconsciously, like through-composing to an unintentional tee!"
- Victor
Tiff singing 3.jpg
"I got
to write the lyrics of the bridge with Michael and most of the melodies of the song."
- Marie
Jarred at producer station.jpg
"The experience was a fantastic blend of bonding, creative artistic expression, and overcoming obstacles as a team."
- Jarred
Tiff Writing 2.jpg
"My experience writing this song was challenging, exhausting as well as exhilarating and fun."
- Marie
Tiff Writing 3.jpg
"After the first day, my passionate feelings about the current environmental issues came up. That's when the title 'Wildflower' came to me."
- Marie
Michael gazebo 2.jpg
"This Isolation, I shared my feelings about the environment openly with Marie. This was only part of an ongoing discussion that gave inspiration behind some of the lyrics."- Michael
Mitchell farm gate 4.jpg
"Marie came up with the title ‘Wildflower’ and the concept of
writing an apology letter to the environment."
- Mitch
Jarred Gazebo 2.jpg
"'Wildflower' was a tricky one."
- Jarred
Copy of Gazebo ft. Michael.jpg

"During the trip we still went and bought styrofoam packaged eggs and ate with single-use plastic cutlery now and then. I’m hoping that with the months to come, the lyrics of "Wildflower" will sink in, in hopes that we too can help the world recover from humanity’s environmental abuse. It would give the apology letter we wrote the congruence it deserves."

- Michael

Copy of Swing bench ft. Mitchell.jpg
"I remember coming out to the swinging bench and finding Marie and Michael working on the bridge. I had the supreme pleasure of telling them I thought it was finished."
- Mitch
Michael gazebo 3.jpg
"This was the greatest challenge to overcome at the Isolation. It was almost as if Marie had picked the flower her self, and passed it around to everyone there and asked them to write about it."
- Michael
Jarred Gazebo 3.jpg
"We had terrible luck with our film cameras this isolation. I lost 73 frames because of a shutter issue, and Michael's film camera broke entirely! We're really grateful for the half frames we did get, but hopefully, we get better luck on the next Isolation!"
- Jarred
Tiff and Jarred at bench.jpg
"We were constantly writing in groups of two’s and three’s.
And not just for 'Wildflower', but every song!"
- Michael
Journal 3 Wildflower.jpg
Group Pic Gazebo.jpg
"I was so fixated on this song, that I dedicated most of my energy and time to finish it with all the help I could get from EVERYONE at the Isolation. This was very unusual for me because I normally make an effort to contribute the same amount to each of the songs"
- Marie
"This Isolation showed me that I have a pure love for melody writing and that I advanced my skills as a composer. I'm so happy and I can’t wait to take advantage of this in the future."
- Marie
Vic Bass 2.jpg
"Marie was itching to make a bass-vocal duet, and Wildflower seemed like a perfect opportunity to try that out"
- Victor
Vic outside.jpg
"Coming out of the Isolation my sense of innate ability was improved dramatically and I felt a new-sprung confidence in my musical and personal ability."
- Victor
Copy of Gazebo.jpg
"I felt so consumed by wanting to formulate..."
- Marie
Copy of Gazebo.jpg
"...this deeply felt apology letter to nature..."
- Marie
Copy of Gazebo.jpg
"...and I succeeded in making everyone feel as passionate about it by the time we finished it."
- Marie
Wildflower Checklist.jpg
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