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Floating device on water 2.jpg
"I'm so happy we had an Isolation in Greenbrier, TN, USA!"
- Michael
Jared crouching.jpg
"It was probably midnight when we decided we were going to wake up at quarter to 6 to go fishing. We still hung around for another two hours before making the wise choice of sleeping."
Cassette Rack2.png
Anyone want some grapes?
Cassette Rack3.png
Someone else say something!
Cassette Rack1.png
Another barn.jpg
"Typically I’ll sleep really late… I sure did wake up early for this though. Victor was already making breakfast before any of us were even out of bed."
- Mitch
Jarred profile.jpg
"Victor wanted us to fish 40 bluegill for a meal he was going to cook us. We caught two fish total and they were too small so he threw them back in. Jarred had fished them both and he looked so disappointed when they went back in the water."
- Michael
J, V and T from a far.jpg
"It has definitely made me think really hard about what the people in my musical life are best at and how I can get them to cover my weaknesses and underline my strengths as an artist."
- Mitch
Vic tucking the line in action.jpg
"Being able to contribute directly to something made me feel capable and accepted, and that’s all that anyone really needs in life. Everyone should give this a shot."
- Victor
Victors fishing gear.jpg
"My contribution was keeping morale high with incessant vibe checks and cooking fiascos, all the while laying down thick bass over everything"
- Victor
Vic setting up the fishing line.jpg
"Victor taught us one thing, we never stopped saying the entire trip. 'Chuf cigs and hook pigs'"
- Michael
Jarred taking a picture.jpg
"The rest of this day was mush. We slept late, woke early and took whiskey fishing. I'll never regret anything I did that day."
- Michael
Tiff fishing.jpg
"I feel very proud about this Isolation because I know that we all pushed each other to finish four meaningful and groovy songs."
- Marie
Tiffs hands.jpg
"We didn’t catch any fish but I did come away with blood on my hands... Catfish blood that is."
- Mitch
Jarred standing.jpg
"I think in spite of the overall chaos that ensued I was able to keep a clear and level head and occasionally act as mediator and friend to the others on the trip."
- Mitch
Fishing trip.jpg
"The sixth Isolation was one of a kind to me."
- Marie
Passing a barn.jpg
"All the different elements from the house and the country side of Tennessee."
- Marie
8 Journal Day Three and Four.jpg
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