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Quarantapes are songs that artists from all over the world wrote in Isolation in just 24 hours during the period of social distancing at the beginning of COVID-19

 Quarantapes featuring Vazlá 

 Quarantapes featuring Michael Beckhart 

 Quarantapes featuring Marie Elodie 

 Quarantapes featuring Alex Guerrero

 Quarantapes featuring Lady Goldenesque 

 Quarantapes featuring JP Guerrero

 Quarantapes featuring Cherry Blossom Season

 Quarantapes featuring Halley Neal

 Quarantapes featuring Kuro Cassetto

 Quarantapes featuring 4NALOG

 Quarantapes featuring Mila Farras

 Quarantapes featuring Ben Aler

 Quarantapes featuring Humano en Tránsito

 Quarantapes featuring Tropicalpurples

 Quarantapes featuring Stacey Kelleher

 Quarantapes featuring Eva Cassel

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