The one word that sums up this day is hangover. Everyone was exhausted after the previous

night, and little work could be done. Vlad and Luke managed to add a few elements to the

dream pop song, but their efforts were mostly in vain. We opted for ‘quality over quantity’, and

the song was ditched, despite the strength of the

melodies and James’ vocal/synth bass interlude.

Disjointed mess of lyrics from the dream pop song 

As a result, we all agreed to keep it to a double single instead of a 3 track EP. This was a similar

decision as to when Fabian was working on Isolation 3 (aka “Fever”), where they had 3 tracks

and decided to only focus on two due to lack of time. While Vlad, Luke, and James cooked,

cleaned, and packed up the equipment; Fabian and Bimpe went up to the second floor and

fashioned a microphone booth out of blankets and got to recordings. All the vocals for

recordings for both songs were done in one go. It was gruelling and long but it was done.

Although for a brief moment, the built-up anxiety from the week got the better of some of us, the

day concluded with a viewing of the cult classic terrible masterpiece film “The Room”. Off to bed.

Vocal Booth Recording

DAY 5 - Final Day

We packed our bags, looked back at the eventual fine we would receive from Airbnb, took a

picture and left for the train station.

Group Photo taken by our Taxi driver 

Angry, anxious, tired, and done, we reached London at last. We had a Greggs sausage roll,

headed home and proceeded to sleep for 3 days.



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