Listening to First Section of ‘Honey From the Hive’.

Luke and Bimpe were the only early risers, and Luke set about writing the chords for a dream

pop song, an idea we returned to later in the day. After a lovely cooked breakfast from Bimpe,

Luke recorded a bassline for a second section to the song that would become ‘Honey From the


The Lads enjoying brekkie 

Vlad and Luke then left to go on a walk around the local area, taking a Tascam recorder with

them. They captured a wide variety of sounds, including swooshing branches, clanging gates, and the thumping of a huge plastic pole, the latter of which would come in handy the next

day as a kick.

Running Sample
00:00 / 00:04

Despite the beautiful scenery, the houses along the road were slightly creepy, giving off ‘The

Wicker Man’ vibes. One house in particular, called ‘The Dandy’, gave the inspiration for a set of

lyrics that were never used. Vlad then came up with a masterpiece known as ‘Where’s the Duck’

Where's the Duck
00:00 / 00:53

...the opening lines of which were used for the dream pop song. Meanwhile, Fabian, James and

Bimpe took the bassline and turned it into a chorus. They wrote a few lines that are both

religious in nature, and also pertaining to the ‘horror’ vibes of the song, with the last line

becoming the title of the song.

"Will I survive?
Spiritual reaping tonight
Is it alive?

Taking honey from the hive"

Vlad adding synths with the Maschine 

The chorus was deliberately made more sparse than the rest of the song, so that Bimpe’s voice

could be heard clearly. Once Vlad and Luke returned, we tried to turn the ‘Dandy’ lyrics into a

song. It was a struggle, however, and a feeling of lethargy and frustration set in. We tried to

work on something completely different, but this went nowhere either. The day drove itself into

arguinG, as no one could agree on one thing. Some wanted a more x approach, and some

wanted more of y. Every road they tried to take seemed to come to a dead end, every turn

brought another turn in front of them. Frustrated and anxious, we all sat down in silence around

the speakers. James got up, turned off the lights, and played Sophie’s ‘Pretending’, an ambient

piece, which was a cathartic experience for everyone.

Fabian programming drums 

Feeling much better after hearing ‘Pretending’, Bimpe and Fabian got to cooking, while Vlad and James jammed out an endless techno track that they’re probably still continuing to this day. After dinner, we tried jamming again, but began arguing about musical direction instead. Nothing was working, and nothing

sounded right. Finally, Luke brought up his chords from the morning, and with this, the musical

floodgates opened again. With James, Bimpe and Vlad all contributing melodies, the dream pop

song began to take shape, bolstered with drum programming, synths, bass, and extra guitars.

Defeated by the day, we were led outside by the sound of fireworks. The Airbnb owners had

decided to invite the whole town for fireworks because it was… Sunday? We stared at the

beautiful explosions, and took some recordings hoping to use them. The day was over, and

unbeknownst to them, tomorrow was going to be a better one.


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