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As a result, we all agreed to keep it to a double single instead of a 3 track EP. While Vlad, Luke, and James cooked, cleaned, and packed up the equipment; Fabian and Bimpe went up to the second floor and fashioned a microphone booth out of blankets and got to recording. All the vocals for recordings for both songs were done in one gruelling session. Despite the built-up anxiety from the week getting the better of some of us, the day concluded with a viewing of the cult classic terrible masterpiece film “The Room”. Off to bed.

The one word that sums up this day is hangover. Everyone was exhausted after the previous night, and little work could be done. Vlad and Luke managed to add a few elements to the dream pop song, but their efforts were mostly in vain. We opted for ‘quality over quantity’, and the song was ditched, despite the strength of the melodies and James’ vocal/synth bass interlude.

Disjointed mess of lyrics from the dream pop song 

Vocal Booth Recording 

Final Day


We packed our bags, looked back at the eventual fine we would receive from Airbnb, took a picture and left for the train station.


Group Photo taken by our Taxi driver  


Angry, anxious, tired, and done, we reached London at last. We had a Greggs sausage roll, headed home and proceeded to sleep for 3 days.


... other than this footage

The real End

Day 3

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 17.18.37.png

Vladimir does musicking. He is a producer, pianist and multi-instrument enthusiast from Prague, Czech Republic. Before the Isolation, Vladimir had been involved in a few bands, exploring a variety of music, from big band to ska and brass-rap, and worked on sound design in a short animation film "Junk".  Right now Vladimir is interested in collaboration, making music with different people in different styles, including playing in a band with Luke. Vladimir also makes solo music under the name of nemiraet

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 17.19.05.png

Bimpe is a guitarist, singer and saxophonist, born and raised in London, a city where its music is just as everchanging as its environment. She grew up in a Nigerian household with 7 siblings, most of them being older than her by 9-14 years. Naturally her influences of traditional Nigerian afrobeat and jújú as well as ‘90s rap and R&B would come from this. Aside from this, her parents listened to a lot of ‘70’s funk and ‘80s disco, and these influences are also apparent in her music. Upon her own findings, she discovered the realm of electronic music. Bimpe began making electronic music at the age of 17 and has since been developing her understanding and skill. She finds ways to incorporate genres that are culturally and musically distant to electronic music, with the purpose of proving that it can still be coherent, although they’re polar opposites. Bimpe’s style or genre is not one that can be described in 1 or 2 words, but it is clear that it hasn’t come from just 1 place.

Fabian Garduño is a producer, musician, and engineer based in Mexico City and London. His projects include Cherry Blossom Season, an electro pop collaborative project based in his home town.


Fabian currently resides in Mexico City because of the COVID pandemic in which he’s working on releasing a new Cherry Blossom Season EP. He has worked on Isolations 1-3 as well as the first European isolation “Honey”

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 17.18.45.png

Luke is a bassist and multi-instrumentalist from Surrey, south-east England, studying Music, Sound and Technology at City, University of London. Before this Isolation, Luke had been a session bassist for Trifect and Cherry Blossom Season, and had recorded releases by piano composer Ed Haydon, in addition to working as a live sound engineer at various venues, and assisting with the music publishing house Editions Musica Ferrum.

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 17.18.58.png

James Rose is a producer, vocalist and songwriter based in London UK. Growing through Irish techno clubs they are now set to release a follow up club album “Otherworld” which draws on LGBTQIA existence in clubs throughout Ireland and England. 

Drawing from sonic experimentalism and sound design, James rose constructs obscure pop dance tracks to express a whole world of ideas rather than a singular identity. Joining in Hummingbird Tapes in 2019 in an isolation session in Tenterden, Kent their main role was a songwriter with main contributions on the song “Honey From the Hive”.

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