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DAY 1 

The first European Isolation - although it bent the rules of Hummingbird Tapes, and it was a huge undertaking. Five musicians from all over Europe (and one Mexican!) embarked on a journey to a converted barn that was too far from civilization, too detached from reality. With a multitude of delays for a variety of reasons, it’s finally here:

Honey, the 5th Isolation from Hummingbird Tapes!


On Saturday October 26th, 2019, Bimpe, Fabian, James, Luke and Vlad left London Bridge station on a journey to Tenderden, making a brief stop at Orpington, a station on the outskirts of London to change trains. The atmosphere was one of excitement, none of us knowing the horrors that were in store for us once we reached our destination.

Luke at London Bridge

Luke at the Train Station 


The lads at London Bridge station 

Luke and Fabian arriving 


OP-1, Minilab, and the audio interfaces.


Fabian’s Bronco bass 

Set-up walkthrough 

We all sat down for a beer and talked about what we were hoping to achieve with this Isolation. Everyone had a drastically different idea, and they were all written down in the notebook you see below. 

All of our ideas for the Isolation, with the final page summing up everyone’s thoughts. 

Train Station

Fabian soloing over the first idea 


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