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The fun thing about Isolation is that ideas are always welcome. We have really tried to hone a space where you can make any sound, and if you feel like it has significance to a musical context, you can safely suggest it! Miguel had brought a very fun instrument for us to play with that his brother had gifted him after his trip to India - a Sitar. We’d take turns passing around this foreign instrument and trying to make sense out of it with our ears. We never ended up incorporating it into our music. However, we used it to play along to our songs throughout our Isolation!

For the breakdown of “Closer”, we feature Miguel playing the ukulele! We wanted to strip it down to make it intimate, but also keep it corny and cliche with the ukulele. It was part of the summer flare! Can you guess whose feet that is in the picture while Miguel was recording in the fortress of mattresses?

The last parts to be recorded were Marie and Diego’s vocals. First, we built the entire track with vocal sketches. Once we fine-tuned the track, we added the final vocals. We used the mattresses to insulate her voice as much as possible. You can tell Fabian's really feeling the music in this clip!

WoohIsolation III
7 Am - Isolation III
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How do you feel about the Fever Isolation session now that it’s over?

“I want to go back, I would have definitely stayed there for another month even if we were not doing music. It is an experience that I would undoubtedly repeat and recommend. I will start planning my vacations around being able to do an Isolation again! “

- Miguel

Miguel is a guitarist and producer from Mexico City, Mexico. He graduated from Berklee in May of 2018. Before his first Isolation, he had a high school band called Fiction 8. While at Berklee, he started his band Lady Goldenesque alongside Diego Valencia. Their debut EP, Tulips, was released shortly before he graduated. He also produced a single for Lautz titled "Aquí."

“I was somewhat nostalgic after the Isolation ended. We had an amazing time in Ticuman, and awesome music was created. I am very grateful to my parents for allowing us to use the house and to everyone to make the effort to come.”

- Diego

Between Diego’s prior Isolation, Soaked, and this one, Diego released his debut EPs with two bands: Tulips with Lady Goldenesque and Towards the Sun with Mind Debris. 

“I will surely never forget this experience because it made me realise over and over again how strongly music can connect people. I was able to be myself while creating awesome music with some of the best people I’ve ever met.”

- Marie Elodie

Since her first Isolation, Soaked, Marie released two singles: “I Won’t (Go Away)” and “Fatigue”. She also performed and recorded covers for her duo project Adults.

“I think I have all finally arrived to a place as musician and producer where the final musical product is in par with our vision and taste. I wouldn’t change anything about this Isolation and I am ridiculously excited for next year.”

- Fabian

Since his last Isolation, Soaked, Fabian debuted his solo project, CNPY, releasing two complementary EPs titled Malachite Visions and Oblivion Days. Shortly before the Fever Isolation, he released “Undertow” with Cherry Blossom Season; the leading single to their second EP.

“I believe it’s the most cohesive Isolation I’ve been to; the production is at it’s finest we’ve been able to produce; the lyrics have the greatest journey to tell; and it was the most easy going and fun experience I’ve had during an Isolation. Can’t wait for the next Isolation!”

- Michael

Since his last Isolation, Soaked, Michael released his debut EP, Towards the Sun, with Mind Debris. He also recorded performances of covers under the name Adults.

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