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How was your experience at the Isolation?

In Diego’s words: "I find it amazing how every time I go on an Isolation, I can’t help but obsessively dream the music we’re working on throughout the night. Then I wake up and hear someone playing that same music in real life. It can get tiring, but the result is always worth it."

Two fine minds putting the final touches together for the lyrics and phrasing of the song "Fever in Me"! Diego and Marie worked together to figure out a digestible melody, all the while incorporating elements that broke expectations to make it ‘pop’.

What was your favorite contribution by yourself?

In Marie's words: "My favorite contribution was laying down the overall meaning of our songs. I loved writing the lyrics this year because every member of this Isolation was highly interested and involved in creating them. I especially like the lyrics and melodic line to our second single called “Fever in Me”. The lyrics are complex, yet digestible, and can be interpreted in many different ways. Most importantly, it still gives you a hook to sing along to."


Near the end of the creation of “Fever in Me”, Fabian’s musical taste still craved for a little more excitement. He felt something was missing! So Fabian pieced together an awesome synth solo with his OP-1 by Teenage Engineering! During this process, Fabian played several licks and stitched them together in Logic. In this video, you’ll find Fabian “in his corner” showing us part of his process and how he achieved the bends by physically tilting the OP-1!

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