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An objective of the Isolation is to forget your quotidian lifestyle and lose yourself in the space you’ve been invited in. Here is a clear example of Diego not even realizing that it’s three in the afternoon after he refers to it as the “morning”!
In this video, Miguel and Diego kindly share the harmonic progression to our song ‘Closer’ in its baby stages.

To spell out the chords visually:

I-7          I-6               bVIadd9         II-7     II-6

C-7         C-6             Abadd9          D-7     D-6

Although the first round is all held over a pedal on C

So far in the Isolation, we had created two ideas. One of them was basically a slow guitar riff with rock drums. We discarded it since we didn’t feel it represented how we felt nor the vibe we had agreed to create musically. Nevertheless, it was a great way to get the creative spark going. It ignited the second idea that was slowly taking shape into what was to become “Closer”.

13. _edited.jpg

This is day one of music making and it already sounds awesome! It’s amazing how quickly we were all able to get the production to that level. It happened very organically. In the foreground of this video, you can hear Marie experimenting with her melodic lines through a

Here is Diego fidgeting with his moustache while helping Miguel recording his guitars for the verse of what was becoming “Closer.” You’ll notice at this point of the production there were only 11 tracks. Can you guess how many there were by the time we finished?


Isolations aren’t plainly about the music, the true flavor of the sound comes from the bonding and friendship. At night, to reserve electricity, we’d gather around our dinner table and challenge each other to our favorite childhood games, like UNO! But the game that really got everyone’s temper steaming was Ligretto, a German game introduced to us by Marie! In between these games, we’d share laughs and clink drinks!

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