This was our very comfortable and inspiring home turned into a studio. Food to your left; in the middle the mojo; and to your right, Diego. The guy that’s always smiling. The couch was strategically positioned so we could all chill and work in the same area.

Efficiency was key! 

Sounds spawned from all places. If you haven’t noticed already, one of them was the sink. We recorded the sound of running water for white noise and  ended up side-chaining it to the bass for effect in the background of one of our tracks. 

  • Water from the Sink
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  • Dusk Stays
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  • Rain
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  • Dusk Stays
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We recorded the sound of rain dropping on this lamp. We ended up using it as a snare for one of our songs. The background noise served as a beautiful splashy wash for the song.


This is Michael. Our dearest host and chef of the week. Michael's home in San Miguel de Allende was the safe haven for this isolation. His main instrument is the guitar. A Mexican/American amongst the other Mexicans of the project. Amongst the melding of minds in the project, Michael's interest lied in songwriting. He provided lyrics, arrangement ideas, lead vocals and catchy guitar riffs.


This is Diego. His principal instrument is piano. Because of this he contributed many of the keyboard, synth parts, and backing vocals. He has a particular interest for composition. He proposed many chord progressions with particular voicings and suggested using irregular time signatures which provided an interesting effect.

No.22.1 -10.mb.jpg

This is Fabian. Official beat maker and producer of Dusk Stays. His strength lies in production. He enjoys experimenting with production, which allowed for very crisp and profound textures. During the early morning sessions, Fabian collected samples from nature and used synth chops to add his aesthetic to the project. Many memories were shared over the music coming from Fabian's old school cassette player.

The notorious Che; our companion and musical instrument. One of the kick drums of our tracks is a sample of us tapping his tummy.

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt or injured during the recording of this EP.

© 2019 Hummingbird Tapes

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