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"The intention we had before Dusk Stays was simply to make music with each other as friends. Fabian, Diego and I grew up in the same city never having known each other. We met in college and bonded over our shared musical interests. We really admired how some of our favourite bands, like Grizzly Bear, had locked themselves up in a house to make music. In Grizzly Bear’s case, it was in Cape Cod to write their album ‘Yellow House’.
So we figured 'Why not try it ourselves?!'

That summer, we went back to Mexico to try an isolated music-making session. I remember sitting around a table to talk about what was going to happen over the next week. After we all shared our piece, we quickly realized that we were all on completely different pages. So then we figured ‘Let’s see where this takes us!’

The end result of that week was Dusk Stays. Dusk Stays is the serendipitous combustion of everything we had to offer musically at the time. In it, you can tell that everyone was able to contribute what they wanted from the beginning.  

It became so much more than what we could have imagined when we melded our ideas together. The act of making music on the spot in a safe and confined space, under the limitation of a week to complete a record, allowed us to collectively let go of our insecurities and simply speak through our music. Letting the music tell us what to do was liberating. Once we were done, we were pretty proud of what we had achieved."

- Michael Beckhart


Many bands have created great music while isolated, so we had to try it out. On June 20, 2016, we gathered in Michael’s house in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, to start this amazing journey. To us this project served as an introduction to the incredible world of Isolations; and it was enough for us to understand why the music that comes out of them has such a special vibe.

We walked around town and watched from afar how the storm began its performance. As it crawled towards us, the sun gave a show of parallel rainbows. This energy was special indeed.

We decided to explore the town first and get a feel for it. Enchanted we became by the town’s colonial look. The charm definitely dated back to almost 500 years!

Along with us came Che and Cleo. Che, small and fluffy, had the uncontainable urge to pee every 10 steps. And Cleo, agile and gentle, seemed to get along with grown ups much better than with children. Walking this peculiar pair everyday allowed us to get out of the house and connect in depth with our surroundings.

No one would have guessed that they would become an essential part of the music.

The beginning of our

venture starts here. Though alarming for Cleo and Che, a gentle ring of the bell announced our entrance to
a space of free creation. 

Our minds melded working towards an equal goal: to create with joy, passion and friendship. With little regard towards a plan, but with the acceptance of musical suggestions, we allowed the songs to become themselves.

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